Siniša Malus

Sinisa is a media professional who has been doing the most important jobs in the media and PR industry in Croatia for twenty years. He is currently the Communications Manager of the Chinese Business Association for Southeast Europe (CSEBA). Over the last five years, Siniša and the CSEBA team have been most responsible for positive media perceptions of Chinese interests in Croatia and the region.

CSEBA was established with the mission to provide the basis for economic and financial cooperation between China and Southeast Europe.

CSEBA is responsible for the investments that are finally present and visible through private Chinese investment in congress tourism in Kumrovec and hotel infrastructure and health tourism in Krapinske Toplice. In terms of tourism, CSEBA is very active in promoting the Chinese market and has been working for four years to establish a direct air link between China and Croatia.

CSEBA and Sinisa Malus are sure the best in relations between China and Croatia is yet to come.