Can we really say we know the Chinese outbound tourism market well?

The classic image of Chinese tourists in Croatia is a group led by a nervous guide, from the airport straight to the bus and then to the hotel where, at best, they have half board and usually only stay for a night. The group has a specific travel itinerary, so such trips usually turn out to be more like a race rushing from one spot to another, than a pleasant and relaxing holiday.

As a destination, due to its lack of visibility and positive representation in global markets, Croatia appears to be a destination for older Chinese people and those with lower spending power. This is sadly a very misleading point.

What we have not yet experienced and do not know is that Chinese tourists, especially the younger ones, travel freely and independently. They travel the world in a completely different way from the usual stereotypes we see in Croatia.

China's FITs (Free Independent Travellers) are looking to explore and visit new destinations. They want to experience new cultures, food and acitivities. Shopping is no longer the number one factor when planning their overseas holidays, as all major brands are now widely available in China.

We can see this happening with our neighbours; Latvia was an absolute hit in 2018, and Bulgaria currently leads in our region with experiencing the growth in the arrivals of Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists are interested to explore small indigenous villages, national parks, visit taverns and restaurants offering local dishes and cuisines, including trying  local wines.


The MasterClass on the Chinese Tourism Market will answer the following questions:

  • Who are Chinese tourists? Who are the FITs and millennials?
  • Where do Chinese tourists come from? What are they interested in and what are their preferences?
  • How do they research where they want to go and how they plan their trip? What are their key motives for visiting a city or country? How can we attract them?
  • What do they like to show in social media? What are the most commonly used apps and platforms where you need to promote your products and services?
  • How digitally connected are they to the world of social networking? What does it mean to be "linguistically visible"?
  • How important is influencers involved in your campaigns? How to choose the right influencer for your brand?
  • How can your brand become part of the plans for their next trip? On what you should pay extra attention to before launching marketing campaigns in the Chinese market?
  • How can you stand out from the competition that also wants to showcase its products and services in China?
  • How can you effectively promote and sell in the Chinese market?


This MasterClass is intended for owners, digital marketing and ecommerce managers, directors of:

  • tourist facilities, hotels, camps, resorts, marinas, ...
  • restaurants, taverns, coffee bars, pastry shops
  • an agency for creative online marketing and marketing communications
  • public institutions, national parks
  • tourism boards and offices
  • tourist and travel agencies
  • agencies that organize excursions
  • gift shops
  • shopping centers
  • car and boat rentals

... and everybody else who has products and serviceswho would like to extend their reach into the Chinese market.