China is a tourism superpower that is leading the world in outbound travel. One should certainly take into account by the fact that today only 10% of Chinese have a passport (approximately 140 million), and it is estimated that by 2022, 400 million Chinese will have a passport. These are big numbers, and it's hard to imagine the changes they wil bring to the global tourism market space.

In order to bring the dreams and needs of Chinese tourists closer to our market in Zagreb, in early 2019, under the support of the Ministry of Tourism, we organized the First Regional Conference on the Chinese Tourism Market. The conference was extremely well attended and was reported positively by the relevant media.

During the conference, we concluded that our market is still lacking the knowledge and understanding on the Chinese outbound tourism market. More key insights and information about Chinese tourists are a must to be shared with our tourism and hospitality industry.

These are the reasons why we organize this MasterClass. To ensure that our attendees will get all the information and insights needed, we have invited professionals from China with extensive experience on all-things China marketing to share more light on this topic.